YouTubers documenting the hobby

In the past the quality of home video would be hampered by the level of technology, the editing time and a steep learning curve making it prohibitive for many hobbyist . These difficulties has naturally left the UK hobby with all too few and precious visual documentation from the 20th Century. Many videos have now degraded due to the longevity of the original recording media. Thankfully with online services like YouTube some of these videos have been saved for an international audience online. Such examples of this are Bill Ramsdens fish house to the incredibly rare look at the famous Tommy Sutton’s fish, and thanks to the skills of Youtuber Born2BWild Laurence Tressler (bringing his film making experience to many of the open shows since 2015) there is a wealth of footage of shows.

In the UK today 92% of the population has a smart phone, the rise of these devices has ultimately meant it is incredibly easy to document life in the 21st century, YouTube and Facebook have been forums for sharing experience and ideas and the AMGK membership is no exception in this trend. Members post videos on the Facebook group and for a while now one individual has made the move to producing his own YouTube programs.

Jamie Mullen’s YouTube Channel “mountain goldfish” documents his journey into the hobby, reviews products and services. All with his easy going manner that doesn’t hold any pretences. More recently Jamie has offered to document club members fish houses, an opportunity to see how members solve the problems we all face, sharing the experience.

To check out Jamie’s channel here


We also recommend checking out Bristol Aquarist member Joanna Uzun aka “Captain Chocolate Cake.

Of course there is the AMGK own YouTube channel, the videos on which are in our own video galley here at Please watch out for further recommended viewing in the near future.