Welcome to the AMGK, home of everything Fancy Goldfish in the Midlands UK.

Committed to the care and breeding of goldfish, our membership includes the full range of hobbyists from the very experienced breeders with upwards of 50 years experience to the beginner who keeps just a couple of fancy goldfish in an indoor aquarium. The society comprises dedicated goldfish keepers and some of the finest breeders of fancy goldfish in the country.

  • AMGK Site Redesign goes live

    Welcome to the redesigned AMGK site,  I hope you will enjoy reading through the new content and features and of course all the old content is still here. There is a new members-only area, if you do not have access please contact amgkblog@gmail.com directly.

    New Features are :

    • Style and Banner redesign in keeping with the spirit of the old website
    • Membership sections
    • Membership Payment
    • Hobbyist Calculator
    • Event Calendar 
    • Blog based Control
    • Classified Ads
    • Link to Social Media, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube
    • Link to Redbubble merchandising
    • Contact us form 
    • Gallery

    Many of the old features have a new twist.

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In a final, historic meeting on January 24, 2016 at Horsehay Village Hall near Telford the final publication was approved of the  ‘Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the United Kingdom’ 

National Open Show 2019

Held in October at the Wyken Community Centre, Belgrave Estate, Coventry CV2 5PY, hope to see you there in 2021.

Nationwide: Goldfish Standards of the United Kingdom

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