The Goldfish Standard

For Many years the AMGK volunteers have recorded the events in the hobby through the AMGK Newsletter “The Goldfish Standard” .  This newsletter over the years turned into a quarterly magazine thanks to the writing of Patrick Davies and the Editorial and Graphic skills of June Pons.  Along with the many contributors of articles, their efforts we nationally recognised when the Goldfish Standard was featured on the BBC comedy current affairs program “Have I got news for you”.  While we able to laugh at ourselves, it also serves as a huge compliment that the humble newsletter was of a standard to be recognised as a magazine by the BBC. 

Sadly after many years both Pat and June have decided not to continue, and it falls to the club to pick up the torch through  the website and these days members receive articles from the website into their inbox in a more humble newsletter style.  The plan is to collated this content into a homage to the “Goldfish Standard”  going forward and we remain happy for any member to submit content for the website. 

In the past our newsletters have been available to the public, however due modern standards of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)  it has become appropriate to remove this public access for the time being. 

However we have a public sample at the bottom of the page, alternatively why not join to access the full collection. 


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