• AMGK Site Redesign goes live
    Welcome to the redesigned AMGK site,  I hope you will enjoy reading through the new content and features and of course all the old content is still here. There is a new members-only area, if you do not have access please contact directly. New Features are : Style and Banner redesign in keeping with the spirit of the old website Membership sections Membership Payment Hobbyist Calculator Event Calendar  Blog based Control Classified Ads Link to Social Media, Facebook, Instagram & YouTube Link to Redbubble merchandising Contact us form  Gallery Many of the old features have a new twist.
  • Chairman’s Report – March 2016
    AMGK Web Site If you attended our March society meeting you will certainly know what a fantastic job June has made of the Society’s new web site . I cannot thank June enough for the many, many hours expended to create such an outstanding advertisement for our society that takes us from those early beginnings in 1974 right up to the 21st Century. June gave the Committee a preview of the web site (a work in progress) at Gary and Linda’s house two weeks prior to the March meeting, where a few suggestions were made for clarification together with
  • President’s review
    This year has been a very mixed year, full of ups and downs, with some of our members enjoying lots of success while others have had major difficulties with their fish keeping. But, in the true spirit of this club, many members have been forth coming with help, advice, time and energy to try to overcome the various problems that have arisen.The co-operation and energy within the club shows the closeness and high regard held for everyone, regardless of whether it is just a particular fish that is needed or a major problem that needs resolving. A warm welcome has
  • Chairman’s Report October 2015
    Finally, the fish breeding and showing year is over. What a year it has been yet again. We had some great meetings with good attendance, starting with the Anniversary meal in March to belatedly celebrate our club’s 40th Anniversary and also taking an active part in the 2nd National Open Goldfish Show held in Northampton and sponsored and organised by the four specialist goldfish societies judged to the Nationwide Standards of the United Kingdom. 1. New Members The society is still growing from strength to strength with more new active members joining us throughout the year. We welcome Andy Beckett,
  • Chairman’s Report
    AMGK Open Show Just a great big thank you to all members for the hard work to make our June Open show such a great success. I have received many comments from fellow fish keepers and show visitors as to how they really enjoyed the day and how impressed they were with the variety and quality of fish exhibited. We know that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes leading up to the big day and also on the day itself so a job well done by all once again. We have been able to pencil in next
  • Letter from the President
    Dear Members Firstly, I wish to give a big thank you and well done to all our members who helped out at our Open Show in June. It was, once again, a huge success and with everyone’s help and continued support that success will grow in the future. Thanks also goes to everyone else who made the effort to come along to our show to enjoy a nice day out goldfish keeping and from my point of view, the enjoyment of interacting with people talking ‘fish’. Once again the show was well supported with around 200 quality exhibits, which made
  • Letter from the President
    Dear Members 2015 is looking like it is going to be a marvelous year for goldfish keeping, with many of our members having early spawnings in large numbers. Some of our members who have been lucky enough to do this have shared their experiences with us via the social media, namely Facebook, and it has been interesting to see at first hand, the results that they have had and also the progress they are making with the fry. There are many pages on Facebook but two that have held my interest just lately are Funky Fish and London Ranchu, with
  • Chairman’s Report – May 2015
    Nationwide Standards At long last we have agreed all the text for the revised Nationwide Standards at the last Nationwide Meeting of Fish Society delegates held on Sunday May 3rd 2015. The meeting was attended by delegates from all the fish societies dedicated to the improvement and continuation of the Standards for all the recognised Goldfish Varieties. We are also well on with the modifications of the line drawings and our thanks go out to those delegates and societies that put so much work into this effort over the last two years. Apologies to all that had to spend so

Event News

  • Chairman’s Open Day 22nd July 2018
    The day was sunny, yet again, and plenty warm enough to sit outside in the garden talking fish, with lashings of homemade vanilla, caramel and chocolate ice cream (courtesy of Jackie) to complement the deep filled apple pie, sherry trifle and cakes! A very pleasant afternoon was had by all. Unfortunately there were no baby fish to see this year as Pat was still trying to rear and select enough high-quality breeding stock after losing so much mature stock a couple of years ago due to unusual water conditions. Article in July 2018 newsletter
  • AMGK Open Show 30th June 2018
    Saturday 30th June 2018 saw once again a very successful Open Show at our regular venue in Coventry. An excellent surplus fish auction saw some very good top prices paid for most of the fish on sale. Yet again this year we had the honour of The Fancy Guppies UK joining us at the event. Congratulations go to Andy Beckett who one the three top awards on the day with a superb owner bred Ranchu. Full results and photos of all the class winners can be found in our July 2018 newsletter.    
  • Adult Fish Show 6th May 2018
    Yet again, we had a good lot of members and potential new members come along for our annual Adult Fish Table Show, that also included the Bluest and Prettiest fish awards. The Adult Fish Show was judged to Nationwide Standards. The BEST IN SHOW award went to Andrew Barton with his owner bred Lionhead.           Full results and photos of the winning fish can be found in our July 2018 newsletter.  
  • March meeting with talk by Tony Roberts
    Apparently our meeting was booked on Mothering Sunday this year – a mistake not to be repeated! Tony’s talk was about his general experiences and enecdotes on a long lifetime of fish keeping. Topics covered included; Beginning Fishkeeping, Potential dangers of daphnia collection and cultivation and getting ready for spawning. Contemporaneous notes of the meeting, taken by Pat Davies, can be found in the April 2018 edition of our newsletter.  
  • BAS Open Show 3rd September 2017
    This year the show was held at the new venue in Hengrove Community Centre, where we were not to be dissapointed. It was a well set out venue with plenty of room for everyone, plenty of parking, spacious kitchen and show hall and even an annexe where the auction was held. The show was well attended by AMGK members with many of them in the prizes, having success in the Fantail, Shubunkin, Moor and Veiltail classes, just to mention a few. Many of the baby fish on show had been well grown on this year with many into young adult
  • Chairman’s Open House Day 23rd July 2017
    It had been a few years since we had an open day at the Chairman’s home in Telford, Shropshire, largely due to periodic water trouble causing heavy losses of young and older fish alike. Fortunately, 2017 proved to be one of the better years so the open day happened in glorious sunshine by the time some of the earlier visitors started to arrive after early morning rain. 21 of us managed to attend and apart from a leisurely inspection of the fish house and ponds there were Moors, Fantails and Bristol Shubunkins to be had for the those that wanted
  • NEGS Open Show 16th July 2017
    BEST IN SHOW BEST OWNER BRED EXHIBIT BEST MEMBERS EXHIBIT Won by Alan Race with a splendid Tosakin   Full results and photos in our JULY 2017 Newsletter
  • AMGK Open Show 24th June 2017
    This year’s show was planned and staged in the usual well rehearsed fashion with many of the club members turning up early to help set up the main show hall, auction room and canteen. This was all done in plenty of time and time to spare to enjoy a well earned cup of tea! The main show hall was well presented with 211 entries of top quality show fish with all the classes being well supported and especially large classes of Shubunkins, Moors, Fantails and Veiltails, which made judging extremely difficult. However, this did not delay the proceedings as judging
  • AMGK Adult Fish Show 7th May 2017
    Yet again we had a good lot of members and potential members come along for our annual Adult Fish Table Show, that also included our Bluest Fish and Prettiest Fish show. The adult fish show was judged to Nationwide Standards with all members judging the other two categories by democratic vote. The rest of the meeting comprised an informal talk and slide projection of various members’ Fish Houses and illustrations of one of Ian Mildon’s Goldfish trips to the far east. The meeting proved useful to those who were thinking of building their own fish house and learned a lot
  • Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK New Logo Design
    At our first meeting of the year last March we discussed the idea of having a new logo designed for the Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK that is responsible for any future modifications to the Nationwide Goldfish Standards and organising and staging the National Fancy Goldfish Open Show, held on the last Saturday in September (this year it falls on Saturday 30th). The meeting decided that if we used a fish image it should not be one that any of the four societies that comprise the Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK use but should represent the complexity and refinement of a Goldfish
  • National Fancy Goldfish Open Show 2016
    This year, due to the success in 2015, the National Fancy Goldfish Open Show was moved to a larger venue at Horsehay Village Hall in Telford. The new venue benefited from a larger show hall and kitchen with a side room, which was used for the auction of members surplus quality fishes. With 215 first class exhibits on show, the judges had a hard time on their hands. They all did a tremendous job and it was wonderful to see the big smiles on winners faces, with Richard Rizzotti winning Best Breeders Team with four Calico Fantails, Martyn Clare winning Best Single Baby
  • Baby Fish Show – 14th August 2016
    The August meeting is when we traditionally hold the Baby Fish Show and this year our members have surpassed themselves with the variety and quality of the fish that have been bred and put on the show bench for us all to enjoy ; Shubunkins, Pearlscales, Metallic Fantails, Nacreous Fantails, Moors, Ranchu, Bubble Eyes, Jikin, Tosakin, Lionheads and Common Goldfish. A truly wonderful display of fishes and a credit to all of the members who spend many hours breeding and raising them to such a high standard. It takes a lot of hard work and skill to get the fish
  • North East Goldfish Society Open Show 2016
    This year the NEGS Open Show was won by Phil Riley with a wonderful Bristol Shubunkin. Full details of the show can be found in our November 2016 Newsletter
  • AMGK Open Show – 25th June 2016
    This year, for the first time at a major goldfish show, the completed Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the UK were used and I am pleased to say that the use of the standards went very well and to date I have had some very positive feedback. So well done and thankyou to everyone who contributed to these new revised set of standards. All of the hard work has produced a set of standards which are second to none. This year AMGK changed things at the show slightly, with an invitation to Fancy Guppies UK to stage a leg of the
  • Adult Fish Show – 8th May 2016
    May has brought about our Adult, Prettiest and Bluest fish show, which has once again proved to be a well supported event in the AMGK calendar, with plenty of fish on display. It was great to see some of our newer members taking part and bringing along their fishes and it was especially nice to see Heather Carrier’s Demekins on how. Heather is one of our newest members, full of enthusiasm and willing to learn about the goldfish hobby and is the proud owner of some lovely fish. BEST IN SHOW went to Mick Smith with his London Shubunkin [envira-gallery
  • A day out…
    Saturday 29th August saw Richard and Abby Rizzotti hosting a fantastic day out at their home in Bolton, giving the chance for a number of members to view their fish setup and garden. Members attended from The NGPS, AMGK and BAS. A sunny day for the most part with a very impressive barbeque laid on too! Richard was selling his Bristol Shubunkin stock on the day, but we had a chance to see his adult Moors, Fantails and other fish in his two ponds (cleanest ponds I’ve seen in a long time!) and have a good look at his very
  • A visit to the house of Martyn Clare
    Having purchased a hefty chunk of next door’s garden, Martin has now expanded his breeding, growing and rearing fish houses and ponds, filling a large section of the acquired land. I say fish houses as he now has two!  [envira-gallery id=”1012″] Martin has agreed to give an illustrated talk to the society as part of our programme of events in 2016 on his fish establishment when he can go into greater depth on how the system works etc., plus film of old and young Tommy Sutton together with a number of old characters from the fancy goldfish world, some of
  • AMGK Open Show 27/06/15
    [envira-gallery id=”1024″]BEST IN SHOW was taken by Andy Beckett with is winning Ranchu Once again the show was well supported with around 200 quality exhibits, a credit to all the owners and breeders who took part in the show. It was also nice to see some new faces in the hobby picking up awards – we hope that they will continue to progress within this wonderful hobby. Photos of all the winning fish and full results can be found in our July 2015 Newsletter  
  • Adult Fish Show 10/05/15
    [envira-gallery id=”1019″]Andrew Barton took BEST IN SHOW with his Metallic Oranda Bluest fish – Pat Davies – Bristol Shubunkin Prettiest fish – Pat Davies – Moor All the results and photos of the winning fish can be found in our May 2015 Newsletter