Chairman’s Report

AMGK Open Show

Just a great big thank you to all members for the hard work to make our June Open show such a great success. I have received many comments from fellow fish keepers and show visitors as to how they really enjoyed the day and how impressed they were with the variety and quality of fish exhibited. We know that a lot of work goes on behind the scenes leading up to the big day and also on the day itself so a job well done by all once again.
We have been able to pencil in next year’s date of Saturday 25th June 2016 for our next Open Show (which has been our normal time for the last 15 years or so at the Baggington Road venue in Coventry) with the bookings officer at the Church hall, so hopefully we will have our full complement of members there next year. We were two or three members missing this year, due to the unavoidable last minute date change by the hall committee and pre-arranged holidays/work commitments etc., despite this, although difficult, we still managed to stage a great show without most of us flagging towards the end.

National Goldfish Open Show

We will require as many of you that can make it, once again, to help out at the second National Goldfish Open Show to be held in Northampton on Saturday 26th September 2015. As you are all aware, this show is organised and sponsored by all four Goldfish societies committed to the nationwide standards and we have to do our bit as a club too.
Incidentally, much work has been going on with a very detailed review of the current standards over the last two years by delegates from all the societies with a final revision due for completion on or before the National. As all societies are well aware (we discuss them at every meeting!) it has been quite a task to iron out the inconsistencies and errors in the original standards and bring up to date colour variations, metrification of sizes and an array of minor points of the drawings where the original did not always show the finer points of a particular variety etc.,
We owe a great debt to all those top breeders, both current and former exhibitors, and informed judges during the last couple of years that have taken the time and opportunity to advise and consult with all the membership over the four societies that has enabled us to reach the stage where we are today. The end is in site, a little more patience over the next couple of months and we’ll be there!

Pat Davies 12.07.2015