Recommended Reading

Fancy Goldfish Culture

By Frank W Orme

Published by Nimrod Press, 1991 

ISBN 10: 1852590076ISBN 13: 9781852590079

First published in 1979, Fancy Goldfish Culture is an essential read for the would-be Goldfish Breeder, written by AMGK founding member Frank W. Orme. While technology in the hobby has moved on in the 40 plus years since it was written, the fundamentals of Goldfish Breeding contained in the book, from care to conditioning to Line Breeding remaining the same.

Goldfish Breeding

By Grant Lord Publish Sep 22, 2017

ISBN-10:0473393441 ISBN-13:9780473393441

Discover simple techniques and tricks learned over many years of commercial Goldfish breeding by the author on how to breed Goldfish, and raised the fry (babies) successfully.

Goldfish Breeding and Genetics

by Joseph Smartt (Author), James H. Bundell (Author)

  • Publisher : TFH Publications (13 Feb. 1997)
  • ISBN-10 : 0793800900
  • ISBN-13 : 978-0793800902