Chairman’s Report – March 2016

AMGK Web Site

If you attended our March society meeting you will certainly know what a fantastic job June has made of the Society’s new web site . I cannot thank June enough for the many, many hours expended to create such an outstanding advertisement for our society that takes us from those early beginnings in 1974 right up to the 21st Century. June gave the Committee a preview of the web site (a work in progress) at Gary and Linda’s house two weeks prior to the March meeting, where a few suggestions were made for clarification together with more goldfish pictures being requested. These have now been incorporated to produce the web site as seen at the meeting.

We had a great day at Gary and Linda’s and have to say what a fantastic dinner we had thrown in. I can certainly recommend Linda’s Cottage Pie! A big thankyou from the rest of the Committee to Linda and Gary for being excellent hosts on the day. Following the meeting we all got a chance to enter Gary’s excellent fish establishment that was full of superbly conditioned calico fantails, (When I say full, I mean full with every one of them looking in tip top condition ready for spawning and showing later in the year). I’ll try and persuade Gary to give a talk, or at least pen an article, so that others can share his experiences and some clever ideas and tips etc., we have included a few photographs of our visit to whet the appetite!
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