Butterfly Standard accepted by Nationwide

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Board Members

Pat Davies (AMGK) – Chairman

Graham Turner (NEGS) – Secretary/Show Secretary

Andy Barton (AMGK) – Hon. Treasurer/Principal Show Manager

Ian Mildon (BAS) – Fish Standards/Judges

Date: 22/02/2021

To the NATIONWIDE: Delegates: Sherridan Moores, Dean Roberts, David Padfield, Dennis Godfrey, Alan Race, Tom Bell, Graham Turner, Keith Waters, Ian Mildon, Bob Jones, Jamie Mullen, Andy Barton, Phil Riley, Mick Smith

Dear All,


Please find attached the finalised and accepted NATIONWIDE: STANDARD for the Telescope Butterfly Goldfish as agreed unanimously by all the delegates in the last round of consultation that responded (11). This new standard will now be incorporated into the revised NATIONWIDE: STANDARDS document first published in 2016, firstly on the Nationwide website and, in due course, into the published hard copy.

It is intended to include this fish variety in the next programme schedule for the AMGK Open Show on Saturday the 25th of June 2022 and for the Nationwide: Goldfish Societies UK Fancy Goldfish Open Show on Saturday the first of October 2022. It will be given its own class in both schedules.

This new standard proposal has been produced primarily by Jackie Pedley (AMGK) but also by June Kemp (AMGK), in accordance with the protocol agreed by all delegates for any proposed new variety standard at our previous meeting in February 2020.

I will take this opportunity to thank all the delegates for their time and effort to finalise this standard, in particular Andy Barton the sponsored delegate, Ian Mildon, Bob Jones and especially Keith Waters for the final drawing and copy. This has not been an easy process due to the Covid restrictions that coincided with this process. Ideally agreement to this standard what have been to have conducted a face-to-face meeting with all delegates however the national restrictions laid up on all of us over the last couple of years rendered this ideal impossible. Therefore, it is particularly satisfying that we reached the final conclusions through emails and telephone calls alone.

In recent weeks I have received some suggestions that might perhaps help clarify one or two anomalies in other variety standards, together with a suggestion for the need to consider the present judging stance on variegated metallic goldfish and self-coloured when judging a relevant class. It is considered appropriate at this stage to perhaps discuss any possible review or change when we next get together, possibly during the current show season, in order to test the appetite of delegates and respective club membership before such matters be progressed formerly.

Finally, I would like to express my thanks to Jackie Pedley, June Kemp, and Jamie Mullen for their dedication to our hobby in breeding this ‘new’ variety to such a high standard and I’m sure we will all welcome this new addition to the Nationwide: Standards.

Yours Sincerely,


Pat Davies, Chairman of Nationwide: Goldfish Societies UK

Passed Chairmen: Bill Ramsden (NGPS)1989 -2008; Andy Barton (AMGK) 2006 – 2013; Sherridan Moores (NGPS) 2013 – 2019