President’s review

This year has been a very mixed year, full of ups and downs, with some of our
members enjoying lots of success while others have had major difficulties with
their fish keeping.

But, in the true spirit of this club, many members have been forth coming with
help, advice, time and energy to try to overcome the various problems that have
arisen.The co-operation and energy within the club shows the closeness and high
regard held for everyone, regardless of whether it is just a particular fish that
is needed or a major problem that needs resolving. A warm welcome has also
been extended to our new members and to previous members who have
re-joined this year. You are all a credit to this club and long may it continue.

Once again, this year has seen our table shows well supported with large
numbers of fish, both at the adult and baby fish shows and I think that I am
right in saying that they were all owner bred. Next year it would be nice to see
some or all of our new members taking part in these shows as they make up
a large part of what we do in the world of goldfish keeping.

Our Open Show in June was again a happy and successful day, with a unique
atmosphere that can only be generated by everyone involved. It’s hard work
but the end result is well worth it.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank both Mick Smith and June Pons
for all their hard work over the years as show secretary and assistant, we wish
you well and you will be sadly missed in this role, but I am thankful that you are
both still holding active roles within the club.

The nationwide show was again held in Northampton and was well supported
by club members, ensuring that the 2nd national show was a success in many
ways, giving it a good foundation on which to build ongoing success.

Finally, thank you to all of our members for their efforts because it is your
efforts which make this club what it is today.

Andrew Barton