Baby Fish Show – 14th August 2016

The August meeting is when we traditionally hold the Baby Fish Show and this year our members have surpassed themselves with the variety and quality of the fish that have been bred and put on the show bench for us all to enjoy ; Shubunkins, Pearlscales, Metallic Fantails, Nacreous Fantails, Moors, Ranchu, Bubble Eyes, Jikin, Tosakin, Lionheads and Common Goldfish. A truly wonderful display of fishes and a credit to all of the members who spend many hours breeding and raising them to such a high standard.

It takes a lot of hard work and skill to get the fish up to the standard that they are today. With the Bristol, Northern and National Shows coming up in the next two months it could be a very interesting and rewarding time for AMGK members.

BEST IN SHOW Andrew Barton with his Moor
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Full article can be read in our August 2016 newsletter