Large Common Goldfish to rehome


I'm working on a large construction project, due to start in August 2022, near Tewkesbury. We have a number of rather large common goldfish to rehome early in the programme - a survey counted 200, there maybe more.
Do you have any advice on relocation / recommendations on ways to engage the local community to rehome these safely and happily (not a la the old fairground methods!).

Thank you in advance,

Hi there AB, 

I am sorry to hear about these poor fish.  There is a rehoming group fish rescue on Facebook, I am not sure if you have seen it. Also, I know the RSPCA do deal with fish as well. 

Here is the link to the Facebook page,  also there is the fish rehoming page   

I can also put the feelers out to our members, but I doubt anyone would have room for them at this time of year.   

If you don't mind me posting your situation on Facebook or too our members, people can easily pm me for your email.  Would that help?

Best Regards