Letter from the President

Dear Members

2015 is looking like it is going to be a marvelous year for goldfish keeping, with
many of our members having early spawnings in large numbers. Some of our
members who have been lucky enough to do this have shared their experiences
with us via the social media, namely Facebook, and it has been interesting to see
at first hand, the results that they have had and also the progress they are making
with the fry.

There are many pages on Facebook but two that have held my interest just lately
are Funky Fish and London Ranchu, with both pages having pictures and videos
of high quality fish which are available for a fee.

The A.M.G.K. is also working on it’s own web site at the moment and at some
point we will be asking for contributions towards this in the form of articles and
pictures etc. We will keep you informed as to when this will be needed, so while
the site is being worked upon could all those people who wish to contribute please
get their information ready so that it can be included when the time comes.

The May meeting has again been well supported by the members,with an outstanding display
of their fish of which nearly all on display were owner bred.During the meeting a video
was recorded of the meeting and the fishes, of which we hope to be ableto show to you all
at a later date.

The annual show in June is nearly here again, but this year will be the last that
we will have Mick and June as our Show Secretaries, so I would like to take this
opportunity to thank both Mick and June for all their hard work – they will be missed
in this role, so it is very important that a successor is found A.S.A.P. to ensure
that we keep up to the high standards that we have come to expect over the years.

Finally, I am looking forward to seeing everyone at the show and to wish everyone
the best of luck and a happy, enjoyable day.

Andrew Barton