National Fancy Goldfish Open Show 2016

AMGK01Oct 2016

This year, due to the success in 2015, the National Fancy Goldfish Open Show was moved to a larger venue at Horsehay Village Hall in Telford. The new venue benefited from a larger show hall and kitchen with a side room, which was used for the auction of members surplus quality fishes. With 215 first class exhibits on show, the judges had … Read More

Baby Fish Show – 14th August 2016

AMGK01Aug 2016

The August meeting is when we traditionally hold the Baby Fish Show and this year our members have surpassed themselves with the variety and quality of the fish that have been bred and put on the show bench for us all to enjoy ; Shubunkins, Pearlscales, Metallic Fantails, Nacreous Fantails, Moors, Ranchu, Bubble Eyes, Jikin, Tosakin, Lionheads and Common Goldfish. … Read More

AMGK Open Show – 25th June 2016

AMGK01June 2016

This year, for the first time at a major goldfish show, the completed Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the UK were used and I am pleased to say that the use of the standards went very well and to date I have had some very positive feedback. So well done and thankyou to everyone who contributed to these new revised set … Read More

Adult Fish Show – 8th May 2016

AMGK01May 2016

May has brought about our Adult, Prettiest and Bluest fish show, which has once again proved to be a well supported event in the AMGK calendar, with plenty of fish on display. It was great to see some of our newer members taking part and bringing along their fishes and it was especially nice to see Heather Carrier’s Demekins on … Read More

Chairman’s Report – March 2016

AMGK01Mch 2016

AMGK Web Site If you attended our March society meeting you will certainly know what a fantastic job June has made of the Society’s new web site . I cannot thank June enough for the many, many hours expended to create such an outstanding advertisement for our society that takes us from those early beginnings in 1974 right up … Read More

President’s review

AMGK01Nov 2015

This year has been a very mixed year, full of ups and downs, with some of our members enjoying lots of success while others have had major difficulties with their fish keeping. But, in the true spirit of this club, many members have been forth coming with help, advice, time and energy to try to overcome the various problems that … Read More

Chairman’s Report October 2015

AMGK01Oct 2015

Finally, the fish breeding and showing year is over. What a year it has been yet again. We had some great meetings with good attendance, starting with the Anniversary meal in March to belatedly celebrate our club’s 40th Anniversary and also taking an active part in the 2nd National Open Goldfish Show held in Northampton and sponsored and organised by … Read More

A day out…

AMGK01Aug 2015

Saturday 29th August saw Richard and Abby Rizzotti hosting a fantastic day out at their home in Bolton, giving the chance for a number of members to view their fish setup and garden. Members attended from The NGPS, AMGK and BAS. A sunny day for the most part with a very impressive barbeque laid on too! Richard was selling his … Read More

A visit to the house of Martyn Clare

AMGK01July 2015

Having purchased a hefty chunk of next door’s garden, Martin has now expanded his breeding, growing and rearing fish houses and ponds, filling a large section of the acquired land. I say fish houses as he now has two!  Martin has agreed to give an illustrated talk to the society as part of our programme of events in 2016 on … Read More