BAS Open Show 3rd September 2017

AMGK01Sept 2017

This year the show was held at the new venue in Hengrove Community Centre, where we were not to be dissapointed. It was a well set out venue with plenty of room for everyone, plenty of parking, spacious kitchen and show hall and even an annexe where the auction was held. The show was well attended by AMGK members with … Read More

Chairman’s Open House Day 23rd July 2017

AMGK01July 2017

It had been a few years since we had an open day at the Chairman’s home in Telford, Shropshire, largely due to periodic water trouble causing heavy losses of young and older fish alike. Fortunately, 2017 proved to be one of the better years so the open day happened in glorious sunshine by the time some of the earlier visitors … Read More

NEGS Open Show 16th July 2017

AMGK01July 2017

BEST IN SHOW BEST OWNER BRED EXHIBIT BEST MEMBERS EXHIBIT Won by Alan Race with a splendid Tosakin   Full results and photos in our JULY 2017 Newsletter

AMGK Open Show 24th June 2017

AMGK01June 2017

This year’s show was planned and staged in the usual well rehearsed fashion with many of the club members turning up early to help set up the main show hall, auction room and canteen. This was all done in plenty of time and time to spare to enjoy a well earned cup of tea! The main show hall was well … Read More

AMGK Adult Fish Show 7th May 2017

AMGK01May 2017

Yet again we had a good lot of members and potential members come along for our annual Adult Fish Table Show, that also included our Bluest Fish and Prettiest Fish show. The adult fish show was judged to Nationwide Standards with all members judging the other two categories by democratic vote. The rest of the meeting comprised an informal talk … Read More

Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK New Logo Design

AMGK01April 2017

At our first meeting of the year last March we discussed the idea of having a new logo designed for the Nationwide Goldfish Societies UK that is responsible for any future modifications to the Nationwide Goldfish Standards and organising and staging the National Fancy Goldfish Open Show, held on the last Saturday in September (this year it falls on Saturday … Read More

National Fancy Goldfish Open Show 2016

AMGK01Oct 2016

This year, due to the success in 2015, the National Fancy Goldfish Open Show was moved to a larger venue at Horsehay Village Hall in Telford. The new venue benefited from a larger show hall and kitchen with a side room, which was used for the auction of members surplus quality fishes. With 215 first class exhibits on show, the judges had … Read More

Baby Fish Show – 14th August 2016

AMGK01Aug 2016

The August meeting is when we traditionally hold the Baby Fish Show and this year our members have surpassed themselves with the variety and quality of the fish that have been bred and put on the show bench for us all to enjoy ; Shubunkins, Pearlscales, Metallic Fantails, Nacreous Fantails, Moors, Ranchu, Bubble Eyes, Jikin, Tosakin, Lionheads and Common Goldfish. … Read More

AMGK Open Show – 25th June 2016

AMGK01June 2016

This year, for the first time at a major goldfish show, the completed Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the UK were used and I am pleased to say that the use of the standards went very well and to date I have had some very positive feedback. So well done and thankyou to everyone who contributed to these new revised set … Read More