AMGK Open Show – 25th June 2016

AMGK01June 2016

This year, for the first time at a major goldfish show, the completed Nationwide Goldfish Standards of the UK were used and I am pleased to say that the use of the standards went very well and to date I have had some very positive feedback. So well done and thankyou to everyone who contributed to these new revised set of standards. All of the hard work has produced a set of standards which are second to none.
This year AMGK changed things at the show slightly, with an invitation to Fancy Guppies UK to stage a leg of the National Guppy League at our show. Some of our members also keep and breed fancy guppies to a high standard and this deviation proved to be very popular with members and visitors to the AMGK Open Show.

BEST IN SHOW Andrew Barton with his Nacreous Fantail

More photos and full list of winners can be found in our August newsletter