President’s review

AMGK01Nov 2015

This year has been a very mixed year, full of ups and downs, with some of our members enjoying lots of success while others have had major difficulties with their fish keeping. But, in the true spirit of this club, many members have been forth coming with help, advice, time and energy to try to overcome the various problems that … Read More

Chairman’s Report October 2015

AMGK01Oct 2015

Finally, the fish breeding and showing year is over. What a year it has been yet again. We had some great meetings with good attendance, starting with the Anniversary meal in March to belatedly celebrate our club’s 40th Anniversary and also taking an active part in the 2nd National Open Goldfish Show held in Northampton and sponsored and organised by … Read More

A day out…

AMGK01Aug 2015

Saturday 29th August saw Richard and Abby Rizzotti hosting a fantastic day out at their home in Bolton, giving the chance for a number of members to view their fish setup and garden. Members attended from The NGPS, AMGK and BAS. A sunny day for the most part with a very impressive barbeque laid on too! Richard was selling his … Read More

A visit to the house of Martyn Clare

AMGK01July 2015

Having purchased a hefty chunk of next door’s garden, Martin has now expanded his breeding, growing and rearing fish houses and ponds, filling a large section of the acquired land. I say fish houses as he now has two!  Martin has agreed to give an illustrated talk to the society as part of our programme of events in 2016 on … Read More

Chairman’s Report

AMGK01July 2015

AMGK Open Show Just a great big thank you to all members for the hard work to make our June Open show such a great success. I have received many comments from fellow fish keepers and show visitors as to how they really enjoyed the day and how impressed they were with the variety and quality of fish exhibited. We … Read More

Letter from the President

AMGK01July 2015

Dear Members Firstly, I wish to give a big thank you and well done to all our members who helped out at our Open Show in June. It was, once again, a huge success and with everyone’s help and continued support that success will grow in the future. Thanks also goes to everyone else who made the effort to come … Read More

AMGK Open Show 27/06/15

AMGK01June 2015

BEST IN SHOW was taken by Andy Beckett with is winning Ranchu Once again the show was well supported with around 200 quality exhibits, a credit to all the owners and breeders who took part in the show. It was also nice to see some new faces in the hobby picking up awards – we hope that they will continue to … Read More

Adult Fish Show 10/05/15

AMGK01May 2015

Andrew Barton took BEST IN SHOW with his Metallic Oranda Bluest fish – Pat Davies – Bristol Shubunkin Prettiest fish – Pat Davies – Moor All the results and photos of the winning fish can be found in our May 2015 Newsletter  

Letter from the President

AMGK01May 2015

Dear Members 2015 is looking like it is going to be a marvelous year for goldfish keeping, with many of our members having early spawnings in large numbers. Some of our members who have been lucky enough to do this have shared their experiences with us via the social media, namely Facebook, and it has been interesting to see at … Read More

Chairman’s Report – May 2015

AMGK01May 2015

Nationwide Standards At long last we have agreed all the text for the revised Nationwide Standards at the last Nationwide Meeting of Fish Society delegates held on Sunday May 3rd 2015. The meeting was attended by delegates from all the fish societies dedicated to the improvement and continuation of the Standards for all the recognised Goldfish Varieties. We are also … Read More